Quick Bio

I am passionate about solving business problems at-scale with automative AI technologies and committed to developing both internally and externally trustworthy AI to protect citizens (especially underprivileged groups).

Please refer to my "Tailored Profiles" section at the top for an audience-specific portfolio.

Selected Projects

FDA Noncompliance Predictor

Deployed logistic regression model that predicts FDA food safety noncompliance (0.98 testing precision).

Python: SKLearn, NLTK, Statsmodel, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn | Streamlit

Deepfake Image Detector

Interactive Streamlit app that deploys a deepfake image detector (0.99 validation precision).

Python: SKLearn, Pandas, Matplotlib | Streamlit | Pickle

Poisonous Mushroom Predictor

Full-stack, interactive web app that utilizes machine learning to identify poisonous mushrooms (0.99 validation accuracy).

Python: SKLearn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Flask | HTML/CSS/JSS, Bootstrap, Plotly | GSlides

Dashboard of Steam Game Performance Metrics

Full-stack, interactive web dashboard that dynamically displays user-selected data on video game market data.

Python: Pandas, Beautiful Soup, Requests, Pymongo, Flask | MongoDB | HTML/CSS/JSS, Bootstrap, Plotly, Leaflet.js | GSlides

Subreddit Differentiator (NLP)

Machine learning project that differentiates between two subreddits: AskReddit and AskScience (0.82 F1 score).

Python: SKLearn, Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy | Pushshift.io

Wild Rydes (AWS Web-app Deployment)

Server-less web-app built via AWS that allows users to book unicorns for their magical traveling needs.

AWS: S3, Lambda, Cognito, Gateway, and DynamoDB

SQL ETL: Cryptocurrency Database

Back-end ETL process to that extracts, transforms, and loads data to SQL database. Focused on scalability, speed of development, and usability.

Python: Pandas, SQLAlchemy | PostgreSQL

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